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Is Capping Rents a Fix for Affordable Housing? We say NO to “rent control”

by Greg St. Aubin, Senior Vice President, Governmental Affairs

Rent control is a real threat. Back in 1997, Illinois REALTORS® had the foresight to do a state ban on local rent control when it wasn't a hot issue. We lobbied for and passed the Rent Control Preemption Act, which preempts local governments from imposing any form of rent control. Well, now there is a strong effort under way by tenant groups, particularly in the Chicago area, to repeal that Act, which would clear the way for home rule units to enact rent control. The tenant groups feel that rent control is the answer to displacement of long-term residents due to rising rents. REALTORS® have a more holistic solution that does not include capping rents. We know that rent control would reduce rental business investments, drive down values of rental properties, reduce the supply of rental housing AND affordable housing. Read more about our advocacy on this complex issue and what you can do to help fight rent control in your community.


LEGAL CASE STUDIES • by Lisa Harms Hartzler, Sorling Northrup Attorneys

Compensation Owed Based on Work Performed

Legal case studies this issue: Real estate broker awarded compensation based on work performed; franchisor held not liable for franchisee’s embezzlement of escrow deposit; Fair Housing Act suit alleging sexual orientation discrimination against owner/landlord of senior living facility allowed to proceed; homeowners lacked standing under annexation agreement to sue developer and village for faulty storm sewers; plaintiff could not recover for injury caused by falling while trying to walk through an open and obvious pile of snow on a private sidewalk.

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Recent IDFPR Real Estate Disciplines

Real estate managing broker license fined $1,000 for failure to complete continuing education prior to renewing their license and for stating on their renewal application the education was completed. Read more.
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Legal Briefs Video: Employment Issues for Teams

Everyone from the team leader on down is really a licensee of the sponsoring broker either as an independent contractor or employee of the brokerage company. When setting up your team, keep in mind the license law requirement of a single sponsoring broker for each licensee. Watch this new video to learn more!



Can You Be a Real Estate Broker AND a Title Agent? 

Can you be both a real estate broker AND a title agent? This RESPA-related question was recently examined by the Illinois REALTORS® Legal Team. The answer is a qualified yes, you could wear both hats subject to certain restrictions under both Illinois law and the federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) regulations. Companies must also make their own policies and procedures for these types of situations. 

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VOTE 2018

Consequences of Home Rule? Higher Property Taxes, Fees and Debt

By Mike Scobey, Senior Director of Local Advocacy & Global Programs 

Illinois REALTORS® is working hard to oppose seven municipal referenda involving Home Rule and the Real Estate Transfer Tax in the Nov. 6 election. Communities affected are Prospect Heights, Winthrop Harbor, Beach Park, Zion, Lemont, Evanston and Bannockburn. 


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